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The journal is categorised by the Serbian Ministry of education, science and technological development as a leading journal of national significance (M51) in the field of Law and political science (the list of categorised journals is published on the Ministry’s website


(Faculty of Law, Union University, Belgrade)

ISSN: 2217-2815
Published: twice a year
Established: July, 2010
Language: Serbian (articles are also published in English, French, German and other languages)
Publisher: Pravni Fakultet Univerzitet Union
Address: 11070 Novi Beograd, Srbija, Goce Delčeva 36
Chief Editor: Dušan Kitić, mail:
Executive Editor: Slobodan Vukadinović, mail:
Phone: + 381 11 209 55 02
FAX: + 381 11 3196 379
Distribution and marketing Dragana Kovacevic


Editorial staff:

Katarina Damnjanović, Jelena Jerinić, Katarina Jovičić, Dušan Kitić, Bogoljub Milosavljević, Nataša Mrvić-Petrović, Tatjana Papić, Dušan Vranjanac, Slobodan Vukadinović.

Publishing Council:

prof. dr Lidija Basta Fleiner, prof. dr Aleksandra Čavoški, prof. dr Srđan Šarkić, dr Milena Prokić-Trgovčević, prof. dr Leposava Karamarković, prof. dr Arsen Janevski (Skopje), prof. dr Mladen Vukčević (Podgorica), prof. dr David Dašić, dr Jadranka Injac, prof. dr Mihajlo Dika (Zagreb), prof. dr Nenad Dimitrijević (Budapest), prof. dr dr h.c. Thomas Fleiner (Freiburg), prof. dr Carlos Flores Juberias (Valencia), prof. dr Marko Milanović (Nottingham), prof. dr Jean-Paul Pancracio (Poitiers), prof. dr Dragoljub Popović, prof. dr Vesna Rijavec (Maribor), prof. dr Andrej Savin (Copenhagen), Thomas H. Speedy Rice (Washington), prof. dr Tibor Varadi (Budapest).

With our first edition

Seeing as it is expected of scientific institutions to engage in publishing scientific works, and seeing as institutions of higher education are scientific institutions, it was a logical next step for the Union University Faculty of Law to launch a scientific magazine entitled Pravni Zapisi (writings in law). Our magazine has managed to overtake similar publications such as: Pravni letopis, Ogledalo prava, Pravo danas, Pravni smisao, Pravni poredak, Pravni glasnik, Pravna reč, Tokovi prava, Slobodno pravo, Ars iuris, Thesaurus iuris.

The name of our magazine reflects this nation’s ancient need to carve something of their time into an oak tree that dominates an entire landscape (and they call it “writings”), thus bequeathing these writings to collective memory.

In more stable societies their Law magazines enjoy the stability and reliability of their legal systems where everything works both horizontally and vertically. Owing to our transitional experiences, our legal system is not entirely rounded or complete or consistent. At the same time, it is extremely challenging because it allows our authors to perceive and offer solutions for a number of legal anomalies and problems that survive in a general confusion of laws and regulations. Naturally, this is not the only reason our magazine exists. It also includes debates on philosophy, the history and the future of the law because all these ingredients are essential in attaining a stable legal system and legal order

The magazine is published twice a year. It consists of articles, reports, news, student contributions, comments on various court rulings and bibliographies and it is always open to introducing new items. In each of our editions we aim for the highest possible standards in quality, actuality, appeal and epistolary elegance The magazine is published by the Faculty but it welcomes all contributions to our efforts in order to establish a relevant magazine which will be a reliable source of information to all those involved in creating, implementing and guarding the Law

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