Starting with academic year 2015/16 (summer/winter semester), the Union University Faculty of Law of Union introduced MA courses in Law. Upon completion successful candidates obtain the title of Master of Laws in Corporate and Business Organisation Law.

Entry requirement for MA studies is a Bachelor of Science in Law degree or a degree from a Faculty of Law carrying or equivalent to 240 ECTS.

Subject Semester Nº of hours per week – lectures and practice sessions ECTS
Methodology of Legal Sciences (mandatory course) Summer 2+1 8
Legal Status in Corporate Law (mandatory course) winter 4+3 14
Accounting and auditing (mandatory course) summer 3+0 10
Banks and Stock Exchange (elective course) winter 2+0 8
Public Companies and Institutions (elective course) winter 2+0 8
Local self-government winter 2+0 8
Corporative Low in Insurance winter 2+0 8
Endowments and Foundations winter 2+0 8
Master Thesis
Total  ECTS 60

The MA study programme lasts one year, and is divided in two semesters – winter/summer

MA studies at Union University Faculty of Law in Corporate Law and Business Organisation Law carry 60 ECTS credits of which – Master thesis 20 ECTS, courses (3+1) a total of 40 ECTS.

The two mandatory courses are taught during the summer semester while the third mandatory and one elective course are taught during the winter semester.

Tuition fee for MA studies is 800 Euros is paid in RSD calculated against the National Bank of Serbia middle exchange rate for RSD. The amount of 200 Euros is paid upon enrolment and the remainder in six monthly instalments to the amount of 100 Euros.

The fee covers tuition, consultations with teachers, exams as well as preparation and defence of Master thesis.