Magazine Faculty of Law, Union University in Belgrade

Year VI, No. 2/2015, pages 257-507

UDK 34
ISSN 2217-2815 (Printed Edition)
ISSN 2406-1387 (Online)



Jelena Jerinić, What would Chief Justice Coke say? On legal remedies in case of infrigments by the highest bodies of the Republic of Serbia

Miroslav Stevanović, International legal problems in combating the «Islamic State» terrorist group in Syria

Milan Mijović, Private ownership in outer space – Still waiting?

Ivan Janković, The Criminalistics Institute of the Belgrade Law Faculty, 1927–1945

Sretko Janković, Confession to a criminal offense as a mitigating circumstance

Cvijetin Đorđić, Critical review of the Law on execution of criminal sanctions

Vukan Slavković, Legal regulation of prostitution

Dragan Zlatović, Criminal legal protection in the field of intellectual property and computer related rights in the Republic of Croatia

Snežana Đurđević, Electronic Apostille in the legal system of the Republic of Serbia



Zoran Ivošević, The sinking of Belgrade on Water



Igor Vila, Can the Constitutional Court save the pensions? On the account of the decision of the Constitutional Court not to accept an initiative for constitutional review of the Law on temporary regulation of the payment method for pension


IN MEMORIAM: Prof. emeritus Momčilo Grubač (1945-2015)

Slobodan Beljanski

Zlatko Stefanović

Đorđe D. Sibinović

Bibliography of Prof. emeritus Momčilo Grubač, prepared by Ljiljana Prljinčević


CHRONICLE OF THE LAW SCHOOL (2015), prepared by Ivana Ilić