Magazine Faculty of Law, Union University in Belgrade

Year V, No. 2/2014, pages 345-653

UDK 34
ISSN 2217-2815 (Printed Edition)
ISSN 2406-1387 (Online)



Tatjana Papić, International obligations of international organisations

Judit Sándor, Right to health and the human organ: Right as a consequence?

Dušan Vranjanac, The scientific nature of John Austin’s jurisprudence

Vladimir Mikić, Functions of the preambles of modern constitutions

Damir Juras, Disciplinary responsibility of civil servants in the Croatian law

Vukan Slavković, Criminal regulation of pornography in modern legislation

Velisav Marković, Factoring contract in the law of the Republic of Serbia



Miloš Milošević, Significant deviations of the Value Added Tax Law from the Community VAT regulations

Slađana Aras Kramar, Cooperation of the social welfare center and the court in family court proceedings – New Croatian family law framework



Ivan Janković, Macke



Mladen R. Tišma, Donald P. Kommers, Russel A. Miller, The Constitutional Jurisprudence of the Federal Republic of Germany, Third Edition, Revised and Expanded, Duke University Press, Durham – London 2012, 874 p.



Zoran Ivošević, Termination of litigation in the case of incomplete procedural community of compulsory joinder of parties (Commentary on legal provision and the court decision)

Vesna Rakić-Vodinelić, Practice of the European Court of Human Rights on pensions – interpretation of Article 1 of Protocol 1 to the European Convention for Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms



Jovan Radulović, Synthesis of the common-law accusatorial and the continental mixed criminal procedural justice system – the example of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia – Part 2


CHRONICLE OF THE FACULTY (2014), edited by Iva Ruškuc